Marina dams


Vancouver Boudoir Photography By Marina Dams

Hey there, I'm Marina

My first experience with boudoir photography was when I asked my sister – who is also a photographer – to take some photos of me. At the time I just copied some poses I found on Pinterest and wasn’t expecting much of it to be honest. After the shoot, I was tidying up and my sister called me to ask if I’d like to see some of the pictures. Whenever I looked at the photos on the computer I was blown away! It was the first time in my life that I felt truly beautiful, I couldn’t believe that the girl in the photos was me. The feeling was so strong that I decided to share it with everyone that I possibly could, and since then I made my goal to make everyone feel beautiful! If you’re in the Vancouver area, I would love to meet you and share this incredible experience with you!

I'm Passionate

about capturing…

did you know

I have

over 6 years experience

with intimate portraits

I photographed

more than 500 sessions

and it’s just the beginning

I have worked

in 10 different cities

across several countries

so let’s create together

My Creative Style

I truly believe that each one of us is beautiful. However, many of us loathe the image we see when we look in the mirror. Instead of seeing the strength and success of our lives lived, we criticize and shame ourselves for not being better. 

My goal is to change the way you see yourself in the mirror. I want to make you realize just how beautiful you are, the way you are. I want to celebrate the freedom of your body and feel good expressing yourself in it. 

I focus on accepting that we are all different, there is no one single standard for beauty and that is okay! The journey you have lived is what makes you who you are today, your body is a reflection of that so own it!

You are enough. You are amazing!

Fun Facts About Me

1. I love dancing and moving the body. I encourage clients to do the same during our sessions which help give the best, authentic results!

2. I love coffee! I even have an Instagram page where I post all the coffee shops that I find whenever I am exploring Vancouver or travelling.

3. During the pandemic I decided to learn how to take care of plants and I became obsessed! My house is becoming a mini forest and I absolutely love it!


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